Lynle, Glimpse LivingCome in and take a GLIMPSE!

I have filled Glimpse with products that inspire the 5 senses. Fully engaging in life means to be present to all of our senses…. living in the now! When you walk into Glimpse, I want you to feel, see, taste, smell and hear the joy within the space. I have mindfully selected items that have partnered with me on my quest to more joy. There are books that have inspired me, candles made of natural soy to scent the air, stones that add their beauty and resonance, art that makes me smile as well as tea that refreshes and gives me peace. Everything in Glimpse makes me smile, and I wish the same for my customers. I am so excited that we have expanded to include bi-monthly GoSee Gallery Openings that feature local San Diego artists on the 3rd Friday.Check out our happenings page to see the dates.

Come in and enjoy a cup of tea with me and share your journey. Sit in the garden and get a boost of refreshing energy in the middle of an urban space. Purchase a gift for yourself and a friend to complement the journey to joy. Attend our bi-monthly GoSee Gallery Openings and gift yourself with the beauty of phenomenal art.

Experience your 5 senses at Glimpse with a collection of Mindful Products for Home, Body and Gift.

Glimpse also shares its joy through:

  • Art Gallery
  • Interior Design
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Nose to the Grind: Coffee, Tea and Wine Products
  • Reiki
  • Massage